December 7, 2010

Gift ideas - Under $25

Today I would like to share a few gifts in the under $25 range.  A lot of people are trying to spend a little less on presents this year, but they still want to give something personal and thoughtful.  In other words, maybe not something like this...

Yes, one year for Christmas, my little brother gave my mom a tape dispenser.  To be fair, he was pretty young at the time, but still, I'm guessing that's not high on most people's wish lists.  If you don't feel like giving office supplies this year, here are a few other options that won't break the bank.

Set of two linen handtowels - $19 from Pottery Barn
Right now you can get free shipping on these towels.  For a more custom look, get them monogrammed--they have several holiday embroidery options, or just get a simple three initial monogram so they can be used year round.

I love this set of four polka dot canape plates ($22 from West Elm).

 In case you didn't know, I love monograms.  I would happily monogram almost everything in our house!  The nice thing about a monogram is that it really makes a gift personal.  A set of simple monogrammed stationery ($24.95) can be used for almost any occasion and is nice to have on hand.

If you have babies or young kids, this kit ($12.95) will help you make a handprint ornament for your tree.  Great for a baby's first Christmas, I think most grandparents would love this gift too.

This magnetic wristband  ($17) has a lot of uses - I could see it being handy for everything from quilting to home repairs.

This cable photo holder ($8) could be hung in different ways to create a flexible picture display.

Antique or vintage items can be great presents.  Whether you shop at thrift stores, flea markets, antique malls, or on sites like eBay or Craigslist, you can find inexpensive and unique items.  Some good things to look for: presents with sentimental value, like replacement china pieces to fill out a set, a vintage book or game from childhood, or high quality accessories with low price points (look for decorative objects like clocks, mirrors, or pottery, or silver or brass pieces that can be given new life with a little polish).

LEGO Architecture series are really designed for older customers -- not kids.  They have several recognizable buildings for architecture buffs or LEGO fans (range of prices, starting at $19.99)

Magazine subscriptions are a great gift since the recipient can enjoy them all year long.  Kids would love Your Big BackyardRanger Rick, or Highlights.  Great house decor or cooking magazines are Everyday Food, Southern Living, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, or Cooking Light.

These are really colorful, fun flash cards for teaching kids to learn Spanish or French ($12.95 per set - also available for learning animals and ABCs).

iPhone or iPod accessories are often under $25.  Here are a few options: iPhone Kate Spade BeeHive case ($27 -- I know, $2 over!), iPhone Jonathan Adler yellow cover ($24.95), iTouch tire tread black rubber case ($9.95).

And if you are set on that tape dispenser, at least make it a cute one (animal tape dispensers - $12.50 at See Jane Work, a great source for fun office supplies).

You can also check out yesterday's post on handmade presents -- many of these are under $25 as well.


Sarah said...

One year I really did ask for a tape dispenser. I was 8 and 'playing office' was my favorite pastime. I also asked for a post it note dispenser and a desk calendar.

Nicole said...

Sarah, I remember giving my sister pads of paper, labels, and ballpoint pens for Christmas. Sounds like you guys had similar pastimes! :)

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