December 13, 2010

Photo book coupons

Snapfish has a couple good deals on photo books right now.  We have given these before as gifts to family, and they are always a hit.  At regular price, however, they quickly get expensive once you start adding pages.

Use code 1211MERRY by Dec. 14 to receive 50% off your order
Use code REGISANDKELLYBK by Dec. 17 for a buy one, get one free offer (in case you don't have time to design your photo book by Dec. 14)

I get these 8 x 11 "classic" hardcover books with a black leather cover so that they have a professional and consistent look

I also really like these cute little 2 x 3 paper cover photo books.  They start at only $6, which makes them great for stocking stuffers or a little "brag book" for grandparents to carry around.

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