January 25, 2011

Broach bouquet

I saw this super creative idea on a wedding photography website and had to share.

 The bride's bouquet was actually made out of floral broaches!  Not only is this great for a vintagey wedding, but it also means that the bouquet is easy to preserve (no flowers to dry!).

This basic idea would translate well to home design too.  You can find a variety of inexpensive broaches at any antique shop, garage sale, or flea market.  I think it would be cool to collect a certain color or style and turn them into your own small "bouquets" to use in vases around the house.  Or, you could cluster them into a sphere and use it as an accessory to add some color to a tablescape.

To find similar broaches online, try searching eBay for "vintage brooch" or "broach."  This link will take you to the vintage jewelry category; many of these pieces could be used for a similar look.  Almost all of the items that came up were $10 or less.

{Also check out Todd Pellowe's other photography HERE}

1 comment:

Nikki said...

That is really beautiful!

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