February 4, 2011

Now available at IKEA -- baby names

Did anyone else think it was funny that on last week's Chuck, Ellie pretended she was going to name her daughter "Grunka"?

As in, the utensil set from IKEA...

Thankfully it was all just a ploy to get her husband to pick a baby name.  They decided on "Clara."  Much better than some other IKEA-inspired names they could have landed on, like

for a boy, ANTEN

or, for a girl, AGNARYD
(Maybe a little difficult for her kindergarten teacher to pronounce.)

or prospective parents could choose a bold name like KLUDD
("Have you met my beautiful baby girl Kludd?")

Oh, thank goodness the world is not (yet) ruled by IKEA!

P.S. - Coming up this afternoon, an easy Valentine's day craft for kids.

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