February 2, 2011

What can I do with...?

So I was thinking about occasionally doing a little series called "What can I do with...?"  The point would be to come up with different ideas for how to use a common item.  I thought I would start off the series with a few ways to reuse those makeup bags that accompany the "bonus" time at department store makeup counters.

I have a bunch of these bags in an assortment of colors and sizes.  The good news is that they're free (well, sort of).  The bad news is that they tend to gather dust in the back of our linen closet.  So here are a few ways that I am planning on pulling out those bags and putting them to good use:

Packing: these bags are great for toting makeup (obviously), but also jewelry or hair clips and barrettes.  If you want to go the extra mile, pack two bags.  Label one with a tag that says "good morning" and fill it with all the items you'll need when getting ready in the morning (makeup, travel size hair products, etc.).  Label the other bag "good night" and load it up with your chapstick, facial wipes, lotion, and alarm clock.

In the bathroom: take toiletries out of their bulky packaging and store them in these bags instead.  Good for cotton balls and any other products you don't want to display prominently in their packaging.

Kids: round up craft supplies like crayons, scissors, and glue or small toys like magnetic letters or marbles. These would also work well for storing little girls' headbands and bows.

Sewing supplies: use a bag to store sewing essentials (a tape measure, a couple common colors of thread, needles, small sewing scissors) so that you don't have to take out your sewing basket every time you need to do a small repair

In the car: fill a bag with a little tube of sunscreen, wet wipes, a couple granola bars for food emergencies, a pack of gum, some quarters for parking meters, and a little pack of tissues

At work: keep a bag in your desk filled with a purse-size lint roller or brush, a comb, nail file, Tide to-go cleaning stick, and mints

For guests: pack a bag that matches your guest room or bathroom decor.  Fill it with items guests might need (a small alarm clock, pack of tissues, travel size toothpaste, extra toothbrushes and soap, etc.)

At the gym: take along a bag to hold your iPod and earphones, gym card, cell phone, and keys

Can you think of other ideas?  Please comment and share with us all!!

1 comment:

Jamie said...

Great ideas! A pretty way to store any assortment of little things.....

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