March 1, 2011

Hey, I have that!

Have you ever been flipping through a magazine or browsing a website and stopped to stare closer at a picture before realizing, hey, I have that!!  I get so excited by moments like that, especially when it's not a totally ubiquitous item.  Hey, guys, I have an IKEA LACK bookcase too...what are the odds??!!

Recently, I was browsing through the portfolio of designer Caitlin Creer and admiring a fun family room she designed.

Then I realized, hold on, doesn't that brass tray on the coffee table look familiar?  Look what I bought at a flea market a few weeks ago and is now sitting on our coffee table:

Then my friend Kara let me borrow a few old issues of ReadyMade magazine.  On the cover of the Oct./Nov. 2010 issue was this image:

What is that cute cast iron animal at the bottom of the image?

Maybe it's a vintage Boston terrier figure like the one I got at an estate sale this past summer:

Maybe it's odd to get so excited about seeing "my" things featured elsewhere online, but I just think it's fun to see where similar items end up and who else finds them valuable.  Have you ever recognized one of your vintage finds in a totally different context?

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