March 23, 2011

House tour -- boy's bedroom

Want another little glimpse of our house?  Here is our son's room...
Enjoy the tour!

We wanted a bright color scheme but didn't want the yellow to overwhelm the room, so I figured out a proportion of yellow wall to white wall that looked right, and the painters just added a neat band of yellow at the bottom of the wall.  The vintage bed is painted a dark gray, and the bedding is navy.

A little stool beside the bed holds books, a cup of water at night, and a cute penguin nightlight.

Artwork is framed and lit from above by a sconce light.  The kids' artwork can easily be switched out.  The curtains are blackout, not that they contribute that much to later wake up times.

A little reading area on the other side of room is filled with books, toys, and a kid-size chair

Daddy's books - his collection of Hardy Boys and his Harry Potter British editions

Stuffed animals hang out in a blue and white bin tucked into a corner

The bookcase top is a good place to store an ever-growing Lego collection

Along one wall, a world map hangs over a locker, which gets used often for building Legos or putting puzzles together.  The map helps us keep track of where we've been and where our family and friends are traveling.

This lamp is made of various sizes of shells and was put together by my grandpa during World War II.  I added a green felt shade - I thought it suited the military style of the lamp.

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Nikki said...

I so love his bedroom! So cheery and organized! you should submit it to Ohdeedoh!

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