March 28, 2011

Necklace board

For a while now I have been needing a better way to store my necklaces.  They always get tangled up in the bottom of my jewelry box or in my extra jewelry "storage" (a gallon ziploc bag).  So as I was rummaging around looking for a "free" project (one for which I already had most of the materials), I came up with the idea of turning a leftover canvas art board and a remnant of fabric into a vertical necklace board.

Materials you will need: a stretched canvas, some fabric to cover your board, hooks, a drill, and a staple gun

After ironing your fabric well, position it over the board and staple on the back of the board.  If you have a design on the fabric, be sure that it is centered and straight.

As you are stapling, start at the center of each side, then gradually work towards the corners.  Be sure not to overstretch the fabric (especially if you have a pattern on the fabric).

 I used these 7/8" cup hooks.  They are fine as-is, but I decided to modify the color slightly to match other hardware in the closet.

Using a Rub 'n Buff product in antique gold, I coated the hooks with a thin layer, then buffed it off to make the hooks look like they had more of a brass finish.

Play around with the necklaces you want to hang to determine how long they are and how you will need to space the hooks.

I decided to hang long necklaces at the top of the board, then shorter ones along the sides and the bottom edge.

Using a measuring tape or yardstick, space your hooks and mark their placement on the fabric.

Drill pilot holes for the hooks (check the box of hooks for the manufacturer's suggestion on what size drill bit to use).  Then just screw in the hooks, hang the board on the wall, and load up with your necklaces.

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