March 30, 2011

Summer totes

I know it doesn't seem like time to talk about summer accessories, but at least technically it is spring now (although it snowed yesterday!).  However, I find that by the time I normally think of summer shoes and purses, the ones I like are sold out.

So consider this a pre-season shopping tip!

I was browsing through Walmart's website the other day looking for something totally different and stumbled on these roomy canvas totes with rope handles.  I think they look perfect for the summer.  I can imagine carrying one to the pool, or on car trips for kids' stuff.  I actually bought a yellow canvas bag from Walmart a few years ago, and it is probably the cheapest bag I own and the one on which I've gotten the most compliments!  I tend to prefer big bags for everyday use as I am always carrying around a lot of things, so these bags are definitely my style!

 I really like this black bag with the patent anchor; it looks like this color may be sold out, so I'm hoping it becomes available again!

Green band with small boats

A blue seahorse tote -- good if you are planning a beach vacation anytime soon!

This one is really cute -- mini red crabs!

And the best part?  They are only $10, plus 97 cents shipping!!

Check out these totes here and here.

1 comment:

Nikki said...

Ooooh...I like the green one!

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