April 19, 2011

House tour - blue and white special

Yesterday I had a mountain of papers to grade, which kept me busy all day.  Well, to be honest, watching a dog and a four-year-old boy kept me busy all day.  My schedule went something like this: grade a paper, make breakfast, build a train track, type up an assignment sheet, don a winter glove and child's baseball hat to play tee ball in the kitchen, forbid the playing of tee ball in the kitchen, make lunch, grade another paper, respond to some emails, take the dog out, do two loads of laundry, grade another paper, scold the dog, clean up the train tracks, etc. etc.

Anyway, by mid-afternoon I was exhausted, so I pulled out the French press and made a (full-caff!!) pot of Starbucks Tribute blend.  The baristas told me they loved it, and it's basically all dark roast beans, which are my favorite.  It was really good, I have to say!  I paired the coffee with a nutella sandwich (really, it's not even fit to be called a sandwich -- basically it's nutella on bread).  If you don't love nutella, you probably haven't tried it yet!  :)  I did not feel bad about eating this snack because 1) I just saw in Better Homes and Gardens that some study reported the benefits of an afternoon coffee and snack on something important like memory or attentiveness, and 2) I served it on my Blue Willow dishes so it didn't look quite so much like junk food.

This got me thinking about blue and white, and I realized I have quite a lot of this color combination in our house.  Here's a little photo tour:

Questions about sources?  Just send me an email or ask away in the comments section.


Nikki said...

Stop it. Just stop showing such gorgeous photos of your home decor, or I will pack up all my things and move in with your family.

Nicole @ one half world said...

Oh, Nikki, you are so nice!! I was just thinking how blurry the pictures looked because I was too lazy to use a tripod, so thanks for the positive feedback! :)

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