May 23, 2011

Local thrifting finds

I have a couple weeks off before summer semester starts, so I've been trying to do a few fun things in my spare time.  One of those is getting to local flea markets or antique shops.  A few finds:

 Old spice tins would be really cool in a modern or retro kitchen.  Wouldn't they look good lined up on this shelf in a really sparse white kitchen?

This grandfather clock was only $100.  It could be made presentable with a little furniture polish.  I like the detail of the woodwork (not too ornate) and the size (not as as gigantic as some of these clocks can be).

These silver servers with inlaid wood handles came home with me.  The handles are shaped like birds and are in excellent condition.  I plan to polish the silver and perhaps use them to entice my family to finally eat some salad!

I also bought a couple items at a local consignment shop.  I had liked this watercolor by California plein aire painter Betty Jo March for a while, and since it hadn't sold after a few months, I was able to make them an offer and buy it with some birthday money--yay!

I also picked up a pair of tole sconces.  I'm not sure where these will go yet, but I thought they were pretty.

What about you?  Any good finds lately?

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