May 31, 2011

Pencils and cases

Willow Blue Damask pencil case

How fun are these laminated pencil cases by Anna Griffin?  She has several fabric choices, which I think would look great with some of these bright pencils from See Jane Work tucked inside.

A few combinations I like:

Carmen Orange pencil case ($15) and bundle of See Jane Work basic pencils in "grass" or "pumpkin"- $7 for set of 12 (here)

Willow Black Toile pencil case ($15) and kate spade assorted color pencils (here) ($8)

Carmen Green pencil case ($15) and personalized dark green pencils from Lillian Vernon ($7)

Carmen Yellow pencil case ($15) and Jonathan Adler pencils (here) ($10.50)

Willow Blue Toile pencil case and Lillian Vernon turqoise personalized pencils ($7) (here)

Anna Griffin also carries iPad and iPhone cases made out of the same laminated fabric.

Carmen Pink iPad sleeve ($20) and white iPad 2

Wouldn't any of these combos make a fun and easy birthday or graduation present?
(Especially the iPad and cover - ha!)

Check out all the Anna Griffin home office accessories at her website here.

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