May 11, 2011

Vintage egg cups

I made the most of my itty bitty mother's day bouquet (one stem!) and saved the stub of the carnation that had managed to make it through a church service in the hands of a four-year-old boy.  Hours later, after the flower stayed in the hot car during our Mother's Day lunch, I re-cut the stem, filled a vintage egg cup with a small amount of water, and am now happy to say the bloom is doing fine.  This is why carnations are wonderful flowers.

This is a little vintage Blue Willow egg cup I picked up for something like $1 at a Salvation Army.  You can find vintage (or new) egg cups at many places, and they are usually pretty inexpensive.  Obviously they're good for serving eggs (which I never do), but I like them as mini vases, a place to drop a couple rings or earrings at the end of the day, or even on a desk holding paper clips and other tiny office supplies like SD-cards and thumb drives.  Oh, and I have used it for toothpicks when serving hors d'oeuvres too.  Multi-tasking porcelain!

A few egg cups available online now:
(click the photos for links)

Jadeite double-sided cups (pretty cool!!) for $20 on eBay

Vintage egg cups in different colors at SunnyDayVintage on Etsy ($8 each)

Also on Etsy (littleredmercantile) -- these orange stained wood cups ($17)

You could always do a simple white egg cup.  These are at Amazon for $2 each.

These would be really fun holding flowers for a dinner because each guest can have a single bloom or a mini arrangement at his or her place setting and you have no big arrangements to block the view!

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Nikki said...

Why have egg cups never even crossed my mind? I love all of them! Now I'm going to be on the hunt when I'm thrifting!

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