June 17, 2011

Irish houses + striped upholstery

I was looking through a copy of Romantic Irish Homes and noticed a similar look in a few of the houses photographed for the book: a combination of old wood floors, faded rugs, and striped sofas.  Here, a few variations on that basic formula:

 Horizontal stripes on a sofa just barely visible through an enfilade leading into the dining room (by the way, isn't this old wallpaper stunning?)

 Thicker stripes on a sofa in a drawing room.  Wouldn't that table in the foreground be great for playing games, eating breakfast, or writing?

 Another view of the same room -- I think all the colors here work really well together and I love that navy and white sofa!

A light blue and cream striped sofa on top of another faded rug, which works well with the soft pink wall color

Other basic components of this look: lots of books, antique tables and side chairs, china or ceramic collections, white woodwork, and use of color on the walls (I was surprised to see that there were almost no houses in the book with white walls!).  What do you think?  Do you like this look too? I think the stripes really help tone down some of the formality of the rooms and make them seem more livable.  Or maybe I just really like stripes!

All images scanned from Romantic Irish Homes by Robert O'Byrne; photography by Simon Brown

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