September 22, 2011

Sunny rooms

These rooms are cheery in their atmosphere, but neutral in their color scheme.  All the brightness comes from the sun itself!  Despite the sun streaming in, however, these rooms don't seem overly warm in tone.  Personally, I can't take a room painted in warm colors that gets a lot of sun.  I am at heart a foggy-sea coast-British-umbrella sort of person.  I like lots of natural light, but I don't like a lot of hot, bright sun.  So I think these rooms are perfect!

via DecorPad

via DecorPad

Liz Williams Interiors

via DecorPad

via Grits and Glamour

Amanda Nisbet via House Beautiful

Okay, so the Amanda Nisbet room is a little more on the "warm" end of the spectrum, but it's also a big, open room, so the color makes it just cozy enough.  The key element in all these rooms: lots of white, which I also love!

I think I could move right in and be comfortable in any of these lovely rooms!  Also, I think I need an inglenook fireplace.

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