January 24, 2012


I left them alone for a few minutes and this is what they did:

Sammy dragged our bedspread and blanket onto the floor and into another room to make a sunnier napping spot.

James logged onto PBS Kids and devoured a row of Oreos.

Can you imagine what would happen if left completely on their own?  Also, do your kids always cut open bags and packages right below the resealable zipper?

  I was going to use the Oreos to make these very delicious looking oreo-filled brownies, so I was FORCED to buy another box of cookies.  Also, the brownies are quite delicious but should be a very infrequent treat (did I mention the full name is "cookies 'n cream oreo fudge brownies"?).

Blogging has been, and probably will be, pretty thin for a bit as I adjust to my new full-time job.  I am LOVING my new job so far...my co-workers are terrific, the students are inspiring on so many levels, the campus is small and vibrant, and I just love that feeling of driving into the garage at the end of the day knowing that I worked hard and enjoyed my work. 

One side benefit of this job (well, to me it's a side benefit) is that I have to dress up every day, which means I've had to augment my wardrobe a little.  Thankfully, the retail industry has been there to help me out with sale after sale as stores clear out their inventory to make way for spring.  I keeping thinking, "okay, I'm done," and then I get another "EXTRA 60% OFF SALE!!" in my inbox.  Some of the best deals still going on: extra 60% off sale items at Talbots and LOFT, extra 40% off sale at Ann Taylor (and 30% off full-price items!), and extra 35% off everything at Banana Republic (these are some of my go-to stores for petite work clothes).  Happy shopping--hope you find some steals!


Kara K said...

If left to my own devices, I would probably go with Sammy on this one. While a row of oreos is hard to beat, a sunshine nap is unbeatable!

Nikki said...

Your boys crack me up! So glad to hear work is fulfilling! Would love to hear more...a Vogler/Jackson double date is definitely in order soon!

Brandi said...

LOL So fun!


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