December 7, 2011

Ann Taylor shoes

Ann Taylor has been killing me lately with their shoes.  They have some great styles that would be perfect for work, but their prices are a bit steep for me.  I almost got a pair during their 50% off sale on Black Friday, but they were out of my size in the store.  I'll keep checking their website, as I'm sure they will be running some holiday sales.

Below, some of my favorites, paired with an inspiring interior, just for fun!

Booties, Room: Mischka and Badgley, Elle Decor

Platform heels, Room: Stephen Shubel, Domino Mag.

Platform wedges, Room: Ashley Putnam/Lonny Mag, via DecorPad

Which is your favorite?  I'm partial to anything leopard print, but the color of the blue wedge is beautiful in person, and I think the black and brown bootie would be really practical.


Nikki said...

I love that you paired each shoe with a 'sister room'. You're awesome and the pairings are spot on!

Anonymous said...

What a way to combine your "interests"! I like the black and brown bootie, which would match someone's purse!

Kara K said...

Holy crap Nicole the brown/black booties, which are fantastic, are $248!!

Nicole @ one half world said...

Kara, that's why I said "their prices are a bit steep for me"! :) They are fabulous, though.

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