March 21, 2012


It's been a while since I posted a DIY project, so here's a quick one I finished recently.

Sammy is checking out the situation!

I found this mirror in the clearance aisle at Target for somewhere around $10.  I liked the shape and the thick frame, but there were a few scratches to the black paint, as you can see in this photo:

I decided to add gold corners to the mirror, so I taped off carefully with frog tape. Be sure to press down firmly on the edges of the tape to get a nice, straight line.

Then I painted the corners with a Krylon gold leaf pen and Rub 'n Buff in antique gold.  I think the Rub 'n Buff was the better product for this project, but I wanted to try the pen (which you can get at Michael's, by the way).  I thought the gold leaf pen worked well and had a nice, more yellowy gold color, but was probably better suited to drawing a thin line or painting an edge, not for filling in an entire area.  Here's the finished product:

I used a razor blade to clean up a little bit of paint that got on the glass and touched up the scratches with a black pen.  Here's a closeup of one of the corners:

Not a difficult project by any means, though it did take me WAY too long to finish it.

P.S. - Shoe versions of this project below:


And one in reverse:

1 comment:

Nikki said...

I love how the mirror turned out, and I really love how you found its equal in shoes!!!

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