April 19, 2012

China cabinet finds

Thought I'd share a couple finds from my flea market trip last week.  I'm always looking for pieces to add to my collection, and I usually gravitate towards blue and white and gold pieces (no straying from that trend here either!).  First I found this Noritake tray:

It has a gold and a platinum band around the edge, which I like since our Lenox china has a platinum rim, but I collect a lot of china with gold on it.  So this would work with both!  I think it'd be great for a sugar and creamer set, but I might also use it to store perfume bottles on my dresser.  This tray was marked down to $1!

I also got a couple blue and white Rosenthal cups.  The china is very thin, and I really like the matte gold handles.  These were marked 50% off, which was a really good deal!  The original price was $8 each, and the cashier remarked that they were "pricey," which I thought was funny (and indicative of why I shop at this particular flea market!).

A closeup of the gold detail inside the cup: 

Grand total for these three items: less than $10!  Good, right??


Nikki said...

Oh, my! Gorgeous! Which flea market do you visit?

Nicole @ one half world said...

My favorite is the I-80/35 flea right off the 2nd Avenue exit (across from the Harley dealership). It's right next to the Majestic Lion antique mall (which is much pricier!).

Kara K said...

Very classy, very N.

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