April 2, 2012


No major news to report here.  Just a few images of everyday life...

Bought these sandals from Target for the summer.  There is a tan/navy combo too, but I had to go for the bright orange. (Bonus: these are part of the buy one, get one 50% off sale online)

Up close view of a new purse my parents gave me for my birthday last week.  I like the fun coral/underwater look, and the colors will be perfect for spring and summer outfits! 

Got some new curtains and sconces in the breakfast room.  Did you know that Porch Light Antiques (in the East Village) carries Creative Candles?  They have lots of pretty colors! 

A few of the many fabric samples I'm always staring at.  :)

New MK blackout watch (super excited about this--should be great for the summer, and the rubber wristband makes it comfy too!)

Cute frog and ladybug hanging from my new Kieselstein-Cord bag.

I finally got this painting hung in my office.  I'm not sure if it's cool or kind of ugly, but I do like it, along with its faux bamboo frame, and I guess that's what matters!

What's been going on in your life lately?

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