May 28, 2012

M&M cake recipe

 Made this M&M cake today and thought I'd share.  If anyone is looking for a super simple birthday cake, this is it.  (I should clarify, if you are looking for a cake made from scratch but easy to decorate, this is it.)  I used a Barefoot Contessa recipe (HERE).  It's easy because there are no layers to work with (no trying to figure out how much frosting to ration out, no worrying about the cakes sticking in the pans, etc.).  In fact, if you buy this pan, you can just decorate the cake in the pan, pop on the cover, and go.

James and I opted for some sort of abstract pattern with the M&M's, but his first idea was to spell out his name in M&M candies, which would have been fun, but perhaps a little egocentric.  I pointed out that a giant "JAMES" made out of candies might be construed as self-centered, but he said it was practical because "that way everyone knows who made the cake."  Fair point.

A couple notes: After baking, I cut across the top of the cake to level it.  We also used dark chocolate M&M's because they're our favorite, but any kind would work (or even Reese's Pieces?).  This is a white cake with a subtle lemony flavor, and the frosting leans more toward dark chocolate.  If you like milk chocolate, you can't go wrong with this fluffy chocolate frosting recipe (it's my go-to for birthday layer cakes and would work well for this cake too, I think).

Happy Memorial Day!

1 comment:

Grace said...

I love James's reasoning as to why you should have put his name on the cake!

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