July 12, 2012


Remember these brown and white toile pillows?  I did a tutorial on how to sew them, and I was pretty happy with the final product.  Unfortunately, they only looked good for a couple weeks, and then the ball trim started to pull out in places (this was a mysterious occurrence that I'm sure had nothing to do with the fact that James kept throwing them across the living room and Sammy kept kicking them onto the floor).

I finally went through and pulled/cut out all the trim.  It was sad because adding it took so much extra work in the first place, but at least the pillows are still functional, and I do like the more streamlined look.  I guess that teaches me a lesson about trying to be all fancy when I have a preschooler and a rambunctious dog.


Kara K said...

This cracks me up a bit. I noticed one day at your house that the trim was looking a little loved and I though "oh poor Nicole. All that extra work for naught." Puppies and little boys are a tough combo!

Nicole @ one half world said...

Yes, the trim died a sad, slow death. Oh well, lesson learned!

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