August 3, 2012


The boys in action...

 A scary cheetah--it took days to scrub off all the spots, and in the meantime he looked like he had a horrible case of chicken pox!

 I'm not sure how this could be a comfortable way to lie.

 Pretending to be a mother dinosaur defending her eggs--we're REALLY into play-acting right now.

 He made me snap this photo in Target so I wouldn't forget that he wanted this for his birthday.  And, yes, he dressed himself for the outing, hat and all!

Look how cute Sammy is!  Who put a cute bandana on you, Sammy?

Oh wait--that's not a bandana.  James put his dinosaur underwear around your neck.  Poor dog!

Who loves dinosaurs?  This kid does!

Hope you have a terrific weekend! We are hosting a kids' birthday party and doing some back-to-school shopping.  Should be fun!


Anonymous said...

Oh, this was so funny! Sammy must not have been able to make up his mind, sofa or ottoman?! And, I love the underwear around Sammy's neck! Creative! -M

Kara K said...

I think that Sammy wanted plenty of air space around his belly for circulation :)

pocket rocket said...

this post is hilarious! and that hat, oh my gosh, so cute.

Nicole @ one half world said...

Thanks for all the comments, guys! The boys keep me busy for sure! Glad to hear you're as amused by their antics as I am.

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