January 5, 2013

New finds in the new year

Happy 2013 to you all! 

I obviously haven't posted in FOREVER, mostly because I haven't had any time to do house projects or shopping (let me clarify: house decorating shopping; I've done plenty of Christmas shopping, and probably too much clothes shopping!). November and December are super busy for me because I'm on an academic schedule (final exams and grading and committee meetings and all that fun!), but the upside of the academic calendar is almost three weeks off for Christmas. We've enjoyed our vacation time, our first big snowfall, and of course holidays with family and friends, but now it's time to settle back into a more regular routine. I'm hoping to get back to blogging a bit more this year!

I thought I'd start out with a little glimpse of my latest thrifting finds. I swung by one of my favorite flea markets this week for the first time in months and was pleased to see a lot of new items in the booths. Here are a few things that stood out to me:
 Super cute set of miniature silhouettes (you can't tell from the picture, but they're probably about 4 inches high) -- I love the red strip in the frame ($25 for the pair)!

 Vintage adventure/detective books ($3 each). The bright covers on these are great, and I love this kind of book (I read so many Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy books when I was a kid).

 I really liked this set of solid wood, hand carved brackets ($20 $10). Once I realized they were marked down 50%, I scooped them up...more pics coming once I figure out a place to put them! :)

Christmas is over, but these vintage ornaments were really pretty ($16 for the set). The colors fade from pink to orange to red...really unusual combination! I would probably have gotten these if there had been some sort of post-holiday markdown (I am so cheap cheap cheap when it comes to thrifting!)

I loved the iridescent goblets that Jenny used to set her table on this Little Green Notebook post last month. When I saw that they were vintage, however, I figured I'd probably never get my hands on a set. So imagine my surprise to find a set of seven this week, for a whopping $4.

As with so many china and glassware items, they looked dusty and dingy on the shelf, but when I got them home and washed them, they looked great! I thought James would like them since he loves all things rainbow-y, but he just muttered, "Um, Mommy, those glasses are weird."

Grand total for this trip: less than $15! Happy New Year!

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Kara K said...

Good to see you are back - I'm totally "trying" to do my Romans study, but here I am instead!

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