December 15, 2010


For those of you who know me, it's probably not a big surprise that I love shiny things -- glitter, metallics, sequins and such.  But it somehow seems more appropriate to celebrate glittery things around the holidays. It's okay for decorations and outfits to sparkle a little more than they would other times of the year.  In my own home, I try not to go overboard on the glitter since I live in a house full of guys (even our dog is male).  I do sneak in a few glittery branches and pinecone ornaments in the half bathroom.

My husband calls this our "Macy's bathroom."  I don't know what he's so upset about.  What guy wouldn't want to leave for work with a dusting of silver and aqua glitter on his sweater just because he went in to wash his hands before he left?

If you like shiny things, year round or just for the holidays, you might like these too...

In World Market stores only
This garland would be nice down the center of a holiday table, interspersed with clear and mercury glass votive candles, or you could buy a few garlands and weave them into your tree to add some sparkle there.  Really pretty with white lights!

A Sephora by OPI product, this is a clear top coat with bits of gold glitter floating inside.  You can apply it alone for a hint of gold or layer it on top of a darker color for a more dramatic effect.

So technically this isn't glittery, but it is shiny!  Pottery Barn has three different sizes of mercury glass spheres, each lit up from within.  Only the smallest size is still available online, but check your local store for more sizes.

This cool pendant looks like it's filled with confetti

I particularly like the ivory/gold stripe (in World Market stores only)

A 3" candle handmade by women in Honduras.  Proceeds go to support shelters and programs for women and children.
{For a local option, Target has several sizes of glitter-encrusted candles.  I like that the glitter is pretty subtle.  In stores only, in three colors.}

For every pair of shoes sold, TOMS donates a pair of shoes to a child in need.  These are also available in gold, black, or pink glitter if silver isn't your color.

Six snowflake ornaments hanging from ivory ribbon (free shipping right now)

Sequin animals ($15 each)
$5 from each purchase goes to support St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital

A set of 30 hairbands in different metallics
My niece has these in pink and wears them all the time (they also come in silver, purple, and light blue)

Add a touch of sparkle to an updo (available in three different styles)

The good thing about decorating with or wearing shiny things is that they really aren't limited to the Christmas season.  All these silver and gold items are perfect if you are throwing a New Year's Eve party, and they also look wintery when mixed with white or ivory, which means you can leave them up a little longer and enjoy a bit of sparkle when January comes crashing in with its dark, cold days.


Kara K said...

I like glitter, which I think there is nothing wrong with. You should have caught the Today Show this morning, they did a whole segment about DIY glitter, everything from glamming up your shoes and tights to men's skinny glitter jeans. I would love to see Lance or Josh sporting glitter jeans!

Nicole said...

I saw the Martha Stewart segment on Wednesday on sparkly crafts, which had some good ideas! I really can't imagine skinny glitter jeans. On men. Or on anyone else.

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