December 29, 2010

Inspired by...the New Year's Eve ball

{photo credit: Times Square Alliance}

Today's room design inspiration is the famous crystal ball that drops in NYC Times Square to celebrate the new year.  Of course, the ball is only part of a huge spectacle that involves fireworks, confetti, bright lights, and crowds of people.

{photo credit: Countdown Entertainment, LLC, via Times Square Alliance}

To translate the spirit of New Year's Eve to a room design, I aimed for colorful and extravagant exuberance.  Here's what I came up with:

I used a combination of shimmery metallics and luxe materials (wool, velvet, marble).  A wool rug in various shades of blue grounds the room, and the blue velvet sofa picks up on some of the lighter blue tones in the rug.  A yellow gourd lamp and gold stool/side table add a couple touches of warmth to the room, and a multicolored throw pillow and watercolor provide some pattern.  Because it's a room inspired by New Year's Eve, we need lots of shiny things, hence the mirrored dresser, gold stool, and chrome legs on the coffee table.  The white marble top of the table adds a natural texture that is still polished and elegant, but a break from all that blue!  And the most important part, of course, is a sputnik chandelier to reference the New Year's Eve ball itself.

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