February 15, 2011

Before & After - Table and lamp

Today's post contains two before and after transformations.  First up, a simple step table that belonged to my grandparents.  I remember it always nestled between a floral sofa and a brown La-Z-Boy recliner in their Florida home, loaded up with Lillian Vernon catalogs and Readers' Digest and Prevention magazines.

My parents weren't really using this table, so I asked if I could spruce it up a bit.  I was surprised to see how many water rings and stains must have been hiding under those magazines.  I realized I would need to sand the whole thing down and restain it.

Here it is after a little sanding, some stain, and a couple clear coats of polyurethane:

The grain is much more visible now.

I think the front of the table looks a little bit like a face.





The second project I tackled was this brass lamp I found for $4 at a local Goodwill store.  I tried to polish the brass but found that it must have been some type of brass plating; it didn't look any better after a lot of elbow grease and Bar Keepers Friend, so I decided to paint it with some leftover paint I already had in the basement.



Put these two projects together and what do you get?

I am sure this table is happy to have its shelves full of magazines again.  I don't subscribe to Prevention, but I can keep it filled with Southern Living, which should make it feel at home after moving from Florida to Iowa!


Nikki said...

Gorgeous! The table is amazing, and I love the yellow lamp! Amazing transformations!

Kara K said...

Sammy looks so happy in the after photo. I'm going to have to have you look at a coffee table that was abused during Lance's college years to see if you think it's salvageable

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