February 17, 2011

Rugs for office design

I realized that in my dream home office room design yesterday I didn't include a rug!  I don't always love rugs in an office because if you are constantly moving a desk chair back and forth they can get in the way.  However, I think I could get over that practical consideration if I could put one of these rugs down:

What is fun about these different options is that each has the potential to really change the whole feel of the room, making it make more formal, more modern, or more earthy in just the time it takes to roll out a rug.  Which option do you like?  I am partial to the zigzag rug, which I think would make the whole room feel more youthful.  However, I also think it's hard to pass up an antique rug -- the designs and the faded colors add a sense of history to a room, especially when you live in a newly constructed house like I do!
I'm wrapping things up early this week.  I am pretty swamped with work, so I am going to have to take a day off blogging.  Have a great weekend!

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