March 15, 2011

Home office design

A couple of weeks ago I found a great vintage sofa for sale.  For now the sofa is in our home office, though at some point I would like to put it in a "sunroom" of sorts when we finish the basement (that probably sounds weird, but our basement has decent would be hard to have a sunroom without any sun!).  In the meantime, this purchase has led to a lot of shifting of furniture from room to room, and I am now trying to figure out how to incorporate this large sofa into a fairly small room.

Here is a close-up picture of the sofa fabric.  It has a yellow background with pink, blue, and green flowers.

 I am trying to pull those colors out in the room design.  Here is what I'm thinking now:

Couch - vintage Henredon
Throw pillows - Furbish (here and here)
Bamboo end table - Amazon
Wing chair - IVG
Parquet table lamp - Lamps Plus
Mirror - IKEA

What do you think?  Any suggestions?  I am contemplating putting a shelving unit in the closet so we can store the printer and most of our books and papers there, leaving the room open for a desk, chair, and the sofa.  I also really want to incorporate some kind of space for houseplants, maybe on an end table or a sofa table.

I think the couch itself has a definite sunroom vibe to it, so I'd kind of like to play up the plants and the colors in the room itself.

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