March 14, 2011

Easy animal artwork

These animal silhouettes used to hang over the changing table in our nursery.  The walls are painted in wide stripes of soft green and white, and most of the furniture was white.  The nursery bedding was yellow with different colored polka dots, and we also brought in some red pillows and other accessories.

This was a really simple project.  I purchased some animal decals from Uppercase Living in different colors.  I then used these frames from Walmart and pulled out some different colors of construction paper.  I played around with the construction paper and the decals to find some pairs of colors that worked well together.  I then cut the construction paper to fit into the frames and applied the decals to the outside of the glass.

When our son was little he loved to point out all the animals from his crib and say, "Goodnight, lion.  Goodnight, hippo.  Goodnight, giraffe" before going to sleep each night.  It was a while before he could pronounce the "ph" sound in "elephant."

"Goodnight, elesant."

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