April 28, 2011

Decorating with antique wood furniture

When I am browsing through magazines or websites, I will often find that a particular interior just makes me stop mid-page turn (or scroll).  And many times the reason why I've stopped is an old, shiny piece of wood furniture.

Whether it's a chest of drawers, a secretary, or a console, if it's old with some patina, I will almost always like it.  If it's inlaid or burled, that's even better!  I do typically like pieces with some shine to their finish -- it just makes them stand out even more in a room.  And they look great in all types of interiors, from very traditional to more modern.  Every room needs a little bit of nature and some age, and these furniture pieces bring that.

A few examples:

Emily Todhunter Group, via VT Interiors

Scanned from a book - sorry, can't remember the publisher!


Tommy Smythe - Canadian House & Home

Deborah Needleman's office - Lonny Mag




If you have a lot of pattern in a room, the wood surface gives your eye a place to rest, and if you have a room with a lot of solid surfaces and colors, the antique wood adds an interesting texture to the room.  Perfect either way!

Sorry I don't have the original credits for a few of these pictures; a lot of these are images I saved just for my own use before I started writing a blog.  If you know the designer/photographer/publisher, please let me know and I'll update the post.  Thanks!

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