April 14, 2011

To do list: polish your everyday dishes

In the last "to do list" post, I went over disinfecting household surfaces.  Today I'm tackling something different: polishing off all those knife and fork marks on your everyday dishes.  We have a simple Fiestaware pattern in white for our everyday use.  Overall, these dishes have been great; I don't think any have broken since we got them, they don't chip, and they are a nice, heavy weight.  However, since they're white, they are beginning to show a few grey marks where we've pressed a knife or fork hard against the surface.

This is one of those things that you tend not to notice for a while.  You think your dishes are pristine because, hey, they were when you bought them, umm, how many years ago?  Yikes, they're beginning to show their age!  And then all of a sudden, they look dingy.

Rather than go out and buy a whole new set of dishes, buy a cheap container of Bon Ami and pull out a rag or a paper towel and get to work polishing.

I just got the dishes wet, then sprinkled on some Bon Ami, then rinsed well and washed with dish soap.  Here are the before and after pictures.  Not every single mark was removed, but it did make a dramatic difference (which is not adequately captured in the photos below, sorry!).

Before (plate)

You can kind of see the grey marks up near the rim on this plate.

After (plate)

Much shinier!

Before (bowl)

This is probably the best picture I could get of the "before" state, but it doesn't really show all the little grey scratches.

After (bowl)

* Apologies because I know the quality of the photos is not great!  It was really hard to snap an in-focus shot of the dishes, but trust me, they really do look so much better!!  :)  And thanks to my mom for recommending Bon Ami...actually, this is her container, so I better return it soon or I'll owe her 89 cents!

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