May 4, 2011

Brush pottery planter

A few weeks ago I found this green glazed planter for sale in an antique shop.  It is really shallow, so I was going to plant some small succulents inside.  However, I found that it was difficult to locate small enough plants, so I opted instead to use it on our desk to hold little items: paperclips, stamps, etc.

I am not very skilled at identifying pottery, but thankfully this piece was marked "Brush USA" so I was able to quickly find the maker online.  Apparently Brush was a pottery maker in Ohio that eventually merged with McCoy (a maker I had heard of before!) to become Brush-McCoy.  In addition to being marked and numbered, the feet of this little planter are unglazed, which was another Brush signature.

I really like the dark green color, the slightly crackled glaze finish, and the raised zig zag.  When I get tired of using this planter on the desk, I think it would be great for holding jewelry (a row of bangles would be pretty!).  I see these small planters all the time in thrift shops and flea markets; maybe I'll have to pick up a few more since they are so versatile!

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