May 6, 2011

One room, three ways

Since it's Friday, I thought I would leave you with a pretty picture:

I have liked this image for a long time.  I like all the different textures and objects in this vignette, even though the range of colors is pretty limited.  I like the contrast of all the round objects (clock, lamp, gourds, spheres) and the angular table, trunk, and books.  The fresh green leaves make all the difference here, though; imagine how much different this corner would look without that greenery!

I recently was looking through interior designer Richard Holley's portfolio and found these images of the same bedroom:

Bits and pieces are still there -- the parsons console table, trunk, gourd lamp, upholstered bed.  But I still really like that combination of the antique screen and the stacks of design books in the first image.  Most of all, I think I really like the branches, and that's a look that's really easy to replicate in your own home, especially now since it's time to trim back all those trees and shrubs in your garden.

Have a great weekend!

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