June 30, 2011

House tour -- bathroom

So after my last post on bathrooms, I decided I should come clean and show you my bathroom, which does indeed have a wood vanity (but not a wood toilet seat!).

I don't think the dark wood vanity overwhelms the room.  I tried to use a lot of bright things throughout the rest of the space (a large mirror to reflect the window opposite), nickel faucets and such, white towels, and a creamy marble countertop.


I made the roman shade over the window out of a thick brown linen and trimmed it out with some cream grosgrain ribbon.  I am a big fan of that window; it makes the smallish room seem a lot bigger, and I just like having natural light in a bathroom.

So there's my confession in photos: as much as I love all-white bathrooms, mine is anything but!  :)

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