June 28, 2011

Bathroom design -- "wood" you...?

When we moved into our first house, the one thing that didn't even make it through one night was an old oak toilet seat in our master bathroom.  We closed on the house and headed to Home Depot to buy a replacement (new, white!) seat.  Since then I've been kind of ambivalent about wood seats.  If they're stained a pretty color to match a vanity, they sometimes look nice.  But if they're grungy and nasty with old brass hardware, not so nice!

But this post is not about toilet seats as that would be gross.  It's about the use of wood in general in bathrooms.  I often gravitate toward all or mostly white bathrooms; I think they just feel classic and clean, which is what I like.  But these images show that when used correctly, wood can look great in a bathroom too!

Phoebe Howard

Country Homes and Interiors

Lazaro Rosa-Violan

Tommy Smythe

Walter Lees via Peak of Chic

Whether it's a mahogany vanity, a simple chair to hold towels, a framed mirror, or a whole wall of panelling, the wood breaks up all the white in the bathroom and brings in some warmth and a natural texture.  Maybe I should have kept that toilet seat after all...um, no.

Want to see more pretty pictures?  Phoebe Howard's Mrs. Howard, Personal Shopper blog posted a great collection of bathrooms they've designed using wood vanities (check it out here).

1 comment:

Nikki said...

I am so with you on all white/mostly white bathrooms! They just feel clean. As far as wood toilet seats go...I just can't do it. We promptly got rid of ours as well.

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