June 14, 2011

Royal Worcester 'Black Dragon' china

I recently picked up this amazing piece of china in excellent condition  It features an all-over pattern of swirls and a large dragon figure in the middle of the plate.

Gold trim along the edges and in the pattern itself

A signature of some kind (?) on the bottom of the plate (there is also a number for anybody out there who really knows china...not me!)

One big dragon and one little dragon, or is it a snake?

The maker is Royal Worcester 

Both my son and my husband thought this plate was really cool.  This is the most excited they've ever been about a piece of china.  Royal Worcester also made this in a blue pattern, but I think the black is more exciting and modern looking.

Having said that, however, I would love to buy this set of six teacups and saucers (in the blue version of the pattern):

(On eBay right now for 43 pounds plus shipping; seller is in the U.K.  I really really like this!!)

I haven't been able to find many other pieces of the black china online since this pattern has been discontinued, but if anyone knows more about the pattern or has seen other parts of a set, let me know!  Then again, I probably couldn't afford a whole set!  But wouldn't a whole table set with this pattern look amazing?!


Anonymous said...

Eva recognized it, "Hey! That's the plate she got when we were shopping!" :)

Nicole @ one half world said...

It sure is! Eva is an observant shopping buddy!

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