September 29, 2011

Industrial style

Some days I like to look at online real estate listings and think about what it would be like to live in one of those big, airy downtown lofts.  Maybe one with brick walls, exposed ductwork, large commercial-looking windows.  You know the type.

Then I come back to the world of reality and the fact that this style of living might not be the easiest with a little child and, more so, a dog who thinks he needs to go outside to go to the bathroom every half hour.

So instead, here are a few pieces to add a little of that industrial style to your home without moving to the heart of the big city.

Vintage Belgian factory pendant - Restoration Hardware
Despite being based on a pendant that used to hang in a factory, I think the design of these lights is really pretty.  These would look great hanging over a kitchen island.

Industrial garment rack - Urban Outfitters
An easy way to solve a lack of closet space.  I like the orange-painted base!

An ideal coffee table, and the wheels make it super easy to move around.  Would make for good extra storage in a closet or the corner of a room as well.

Midcentury shop ladder shelving - Restoration Hardware
A sculptural-looking piece, or you could actually use it as shelving.

There are lots of these types of lamps on the market, but I like the round drum-head shape of the shade on this one.

These are great for the garage, but I also dream of having a walk-in pantry with these shelves lining the walls.  I would love to have all my cookware and pantry items out in the open like that!

Loft chandelier -  Z Gallerie
The cluster of light bulbs looks really cool!

Also, if you like this style, you have to check out this brilliant IKEA hack by Dan at Manhattan Nest.  You will never guess what he made out of this IKEA mirror:

First image: Andrew Rosen and Jenny Dyer, Elle Decor, photographed by William Waldron
Second image: Alexander Deutsch, Loft Living magazine, photographed by Tom Ackerman


Kara K said...

Sometimes I fantasize about living in a loft too. But then I remember I have a husband who struggles with having neighbors more than a half mile away and sigh. There's no way I could convince my husband to leave the suburbs for something even more urban ...

Sarah said...

I wanted a loft condo before kids and Damon wanted 10 acres so we live in Suburbia. I find it hard to add loft decorating elements to my Colonial House but would love too. I also struggle with decorating in general, which could be the problem.

Nicole @ one half world said...

Yes, I agree. Loft living can be a contentious issue! :) I do think that it's easier to blend in a little of this style through lighting. A more modern light can be a refreshing addition to a mostly traditional decorating scheme.

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