October 4, 2011

15 Floor Lamps: Luxe and budget options

Lately we've been rearranging our living room furniture, which meant moving a table that used to hold a lamp in one corner of the room.  Without the table lamp, that corner is now a little dark in the evenings, so I would like to add a floor lamp.

Here is a little roundup of some lamps I like, grouped into two categories: luxe ($200-$1,000+) and budget ($100 or less).

First up, the pricier options.  If money were no object, I would love one of these lamps:

But since I am trying to keep costs down, here are some more affordable options:

IKEA Kulla floor lamp (in black or white)

IKEA Format lamp (in black, white, or nickel)

So which is your favorite?  I think my ideal is the Quoizel Epoch lamp with the brass base and black shade, but at $500+, that's a pricey lamp!  Of the budget options, I think the Canopy brass lamp has a nice style and is extremely well priced at only $52!

Any other good sources for floor lamps?  Please share!

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