October 21, 2011

Good deals

I am a shopper.  I find it relaxing and fun any day, but the best kind of shopping is when I can get something I really like for a great price.  Here are a few of my latest finds:

Kate Spade red purse with cute polka dot lining - $30
Black Banana Republic skirt (to add to my ever-growing collection of pencil skirts!) - $5.40

Banana Republic amazing blue pants for me and shoes, belt, shirt (and, not pictured, t-shirt and boxers) for J - $2.42

Can you believe it?  $2.42 for all those?!  We visited the BR Factory Store and had a coupon, plus BR rewards (we call them "Banana Bucks" but I don't think that's the technical term).  I almost felt embarrassed using my BR card for $2.42 (but I had to in order to get the coupon discount!).

And because I don't want to share all my good deals and leave you hangin', here are a few steals available online now:

A cute striped crewneck, perfect for layering this fall

A cute brown belt by 7 Hills (also comes in green)

A great price for a silk tie in the trendy skinny width (also available in other colors)

A terrific price for a basic funnelneck - available in pink and more neutral colors like black and navy

This cotton-cashmere blend sweater comes in several colors, on sale from $20-45.  Plus, get an additional 25% off with the code "BRSAVE25"

A cute little "critter" bangle -- I like the pink one with sea turtles too, but you know we're partial to elephants in this household!

What about you?  Any good finds lately?

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