October 19, 2011

To do list -- iron your pillowcases

It's been a while since I shared a project from my housekeeping to do list, but today's project is one I actually enjoy: ironing linens!

A lovely stack of pressed pillowcases -- just what I like to see when I open the linen closet!

I don't do very much of our clothes ironing because my husband is a just a teensy bit particular about how his shirts and pants are ironed.  Occasionally I'll zoom over a skirt or shirt for work, but mostly my ironing is limited to linens.  I am not one of those people who irons her sheets.  I find that taking them out of the dryer slightly damp, making the bed, and then leaving the windows open and fan on to dry them naturally takes care of most wrinkles and gives them just a bit of that air dried smell (we don't have an outdoors clothesline so I can't actually air dry them).  I do sometimes press just the top of the flat sheet; if you don't do that, over time you will get kind of crazy deep wrinkles that form there.

However, I do love ironing pillowcases.  They only take a few minutes, they are flat rectangles so they are easy to iron, and I love sleeping on a freshly pressed pillowcase!

I like this Niagra starch; it has a subtle lavender scent, and it's non-aerosol and made from 97% natural/biodegradable ingredients so I feel better about spraying it on something I'm going to be lying down on for hours.

What about you? Am I crazy for taking time to iron something no one else is going to see, or do you iron your bed linens too?


Kara K said...

You are a little nuts.

Liz Zayat said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! This is so great. I am so far away from ironing my deep wrinkles. Just a few days ago I found a laundry bag filled with clean linens that have been missing for almost a year. I can only imagine how far I'd have to come in my life to be able to iron my linens. Thanks for this terrific standard. Good thing I feel no need to live up to it.

However feel free to iron my pillowcase when I come to visit.

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