October 10, 2011

Instant autumn

Around here the leaves are changing and the grass is getting crunchy and the temperatures are a cool...85 degrees.  Wait, what?!  Isn't October supposed to be slightly cooler than that?  Well, the air may feel a bit warm, but the fall season is definitely upon us.  Here are a couple ways to bring some of that autumn feeling into your house.

First, make up a no-sew wool throw to hang over the back of a chair or a couch.  I bought a yard or so of this pretty wool plaid at Hancock's and cut it into two pieces so I could make throws for a pair of chairs.

Next, I started fraying the edges by pulling out individual threads (warning: this may take a while so get comfortable while you're working; this is something you can easily do while watching TV or listening to music).

Here you can see that I've gotten about a quarter of an inch in on one side and am just starting another side:

I ended up making about an inch of fringe around all four sides; I think it looks more finished that way, not like a plain length of fabric.  Here is the throw draped over one of our new chairs:

If you get a thick enough piece of wool, you could make a big one of these and use it as a throw during the cooler weather months.  I'll probably use these as more decorative than functional.

Next, go to Target and buy some candles in the Home Scents "Orange Clove" scent.  The bit of citrus makes the smell not cloying like some pumpkin pie-scented candles can be.

Or maybe you should buy the candles first, then light them so you can get into the autumn mood while working on your wool throw.  Either way, these are helping to tide me over until fall weather gets here in earnest!

What signals the arrival of fall for you?  Raking leaves?  Football?  Cozy sweaters and warm boots?  Starbucks pumpkin spice latte?  :)

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Kara K said...

This post is right up my alley - see my post tomorrow!

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