October 5, 2011

Things I'm liking now

A random collection of things I'm enjoying right now...

I like shirts with a little drape or fluidity to them, and the three styles of "breezy" blouses at Old Navy are perfect for layering this fall.  There are lots of colors/styles to choose from and these are a great price, on sale starting at $15 now!

This lip balm feels really moisturizing, uses shea butter instead of artificial moisturizers, has SPF 15 (important to me!), comes in lots of pretty colors, and is available at most big box stores or drugstores.

I eat this all year, but in the fall the little bit of cinnamon in the cereal tastes especially good.  And my son (who loves sugar and would eat Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs every morning if I let him) loves this Kashi cereal too!

This slightly oversized watch would look great with fall outfits--trenchcoats, skinny jeans, etc.  It matches almost everything.  I think I might have to save up for this...I have the tortoise version and it really is a great watch!

Toss this over the back of your sofa or take it along for fall picnics or chilly football games.  And it's just $25, comes in three colors, and is machine washable.

I haven't tried these on, so I can't vouch for their comfort, but I love the combination of navy and tan and the preppy little tassels on these shoes!

So I know this isn't a new cookbook, but the recipes are great for using up the fresh produce that comes in at the end of the summer and throughout the fall.  All of Ina Garten's recipes just seem so homey and cozy, perfect for hosting laidback fall dinner parties!

What about you?  Any things you're loving this fall?

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