November 17, 2011

Beyond the kitchen

I am just wondering:

Does this kitchen...

 Celerie Kemble Black and White and a Bit in Between, scan via delight by design

...remind you of this kitchen...

The overall layout looks very similar.  I think I am drawn to them mostly because of the openings on either side of the range leading to a room(s) beyond, a pantry or laundry room of some kind.

The idea of a walk-in pantry is so appealing to me.  I could probably do a whole post on walk-in pantries!  I am immediately reminded of this room in a Southern Living idea house:

They called this room a "scullery," but it was a walk-in area off to the side of the kitchen and usable for actual cooking, mixing, etc. and not just for storage.

From what I recall, the designer used IKEA cabinets here, which I think is a great reminder that 1) you can use a less expensive product that still looks terrific if you fit it into a cohesive design scheme and splurge on some other elements, and that 2) IKEA products do not have to be uber-modern in their application.

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