November 15, 2011

In stores now -- Pier 1 Imports

Yesterday I dashed through Pier 1 looking for a seat cushion.  They normally have a few colorful rows of options.  I didn't find one that worked, but I did find some other fun items.  Usually I associate Pier 1 more heavily with the "Imports" part of their name, focusing on carved wooden tables, rattan chairs, bright silk pillows, imported art and masks, etc.  So I was surprised to find a few options that I would categorize as belonging to a more "traditional" style, or at least ones that would add a bit of that vibe to an eclectic decorating scheme.

Below, a few items I liked:

 This coat rack was really pretty with the combination of the turned wood stand and the metal hooks.

These horn handled accessories would class up your desk for sure.  Would owning a letter opener make it more glamorous to open your Valpak coupons?  I think so!

I realize this lamp might not be to everyone's taste, but it was pretty in person with the painted birds and flowers.  If you like the chinoserie look, this is an affordable option (on sale for $80), and I always like a lamp with a black lamp shade!

Two sets of mixing bowls, each reasonably priced at under $30.  The set on the left has four bowls of different solid colors (red, green, yellow, blue), while the set on the right is two patterned bowls.  A fun surprise is a little pattern centered on the inside of each bowl.

These mugs have a removable tea infuser basket inside, but I'd probably just use them for coffee.  The lid is handy for keeping liquids warm, and I like the green geometric pattern.  These are pretty generously sized too, and at under $10, they would be good stocking stuffers!

Okay, so this little owl wasn't traditional, but he was really cute and soft!!

Also, all the Christmas ornaments are in, so if you feel like getting your senses overloaded with scents and glitter, you should check out your local Pier 1 asap.

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Nikki said...

I laughed at that letter opener making it more classy to open the valpack coupons! Ha! So true!

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