November 29, 2011

Gift guide: media and electronics

It's gift guide time again!  This year I'm breaking it down into categories of items (clothing, home accessories, etc.).  And, since heavily electronic-focused Cyber Monday has just passed, I thought I'd start off with media and electronics gifts.

According to this article on CNN, Apple and Amazon were big benefactors of Black Friday shoppers this year, with lots of people scooping up tablets in particular.  However, once you buy these devices, you still have to outfit them with a bunch of accessories.  Below, some of my favorites to fancy up your phone or e-Reader:
I love these ikat iPhone covers on Rouge & Co.'s Etsy site.  They come in 23 different colors, with three monogram options.  At $36, this is a well-priced custom phone cover!

These iPad and Macbook covers from Uncommon Goods feature tribal fabrics made by women in Ghana.  On sale right now for $19.

Quilted nylon Kindle Fire covers from Timbuktu combine memory foam and a faux fur lining to protect your device.  They come in five colors and cost $35.

The girly side of me really likes this glittery Juicy Couture laptop case for $68.

It's definitely a splurge at $128, but this leather iPad case, also from Juicy Couture, is sooo cool and comes in lots of pretty colors (shop around as colors and prices vary among retailers).

Lastly, I have to mention DODOcases, and then I promise I'll move on and stop talking about covers and cases.  Made in San Francisco, they look like books but are designed to protect a variety of tablets (iPad, Kindle keyboard, Blackberry, etc.).  Several retailers and artists have also done collaborations with Dodo, including J. Crew.  Prices start at $50.

And just for fun: a little stocking stuffer idea.  This mini plunger props up your phone so you can watch a video without holding it the whole time.  $4 online, or get it locally downtown at Raygun.

For the Harry Potter fan on your list (you know there's at least one!!), get this Blu-Ray set of all the HP movies.

For music fans, a CD is an inexpensive present.  My favorite albums of 2011:

Coldplay, Mylo Xyloto

Foster the People, Torches

The Black Keys, El Camino
(Ok, this isn't out until Dec. 6, but if "Lonely Boy" is any indication, it's going to be good.)

Also for music lovers, headphones are a helpful smartphone or MP3 player accessory.  Two good options:

Beats Tour Mobile ($140+) in-ear headphones have a practical tangle-free cord design and a handy carrying case.

For kids, these Pottery Barn Kids headphones are cushy against children's ears, come in fun designs, are easily adjustable, and have good sound quality.

 For slightly older kids, see 15 more designs of these same Retro Headphones at Kono Audio's website.

I know I've said it before, but you can't beat Tivoli for a really beautiful tabletop radio.  I love that there is still a dial for the radio (but don't worry, you can plug your iPod in too).  The base Model One radio costs $150 and comes in several color combinations, including cobalt blue.

For kids (or adults), this toy is like Transformers meets Al Gore.  The solar powered robot converts into a tank or a scorpion.  $17 at Dulaney Solar.

What did I miss?  Add suggestions in the comments below, please!

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Kara K said...

I think that you missed including a wind turbine.

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