November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Since we don't eat meat, we'll be having a sides-only Thanksgiving (which I always thought was the best part anyway, along with the desserts!).  I did toy with the idea of making this amazing turkey-shaped veggie tray:

Photo and recipe at Eating with Food Allergies

For sides, my husband requested Cool Ranch Doritos, I asked for stuffing, and J wants a grilled cheese sandwich.  In other words, a spread just like the pilgrims envisioned.

Really, we'll just try not to get too stuffed so that we have plenty of energy left over for this:

BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING last was had by all, and it's a good thing we got a kid's cart because we definitely used it!

I think the trick for Black Friday shopping is to relax and have a good time watching the spectacle of it all.  I never go with one item in mind that I just have to have.  Instead, we try to see if we can get some good deals, and we always fuel up with to-go cups of coffee and frequent food breaks.  My brother is the best Black Friday shopping partner.  Josh is way too practical and not impulsive enough; he tries to say reasonable things like "maybe you don't need two external hard drives, and I doubt you will go back and watch all those episodes even though the whole season on DVD just costs $5."  Booo, Josh.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!


Kara K said...

I look forward to when I can ditch Lance and go with you. I imagine much less grumbling with you.

Nicole @ one half world said...

Kara, you are welcome to join us any time! Best of luck scoring a well-priced Dyson on Friday!

Marc said...

Looking forward to good food and impulsive shopping!

Wendy Murray said...

I simply can't picture Marc being an impulsive shopper! Though I do recall him buying me a pair earrings in Antigua that were two bright blue macaws perched gleefully on a round dangling wire. I retract my statement: I can definitely see him as an impulsive shopper. Go Marc!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my beloved Cabreras!

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