January 12, 2012

Den inspiration

So, we're making some changes to the house right now.  We had a formal dining room that was VERY infrequently used, so we're turning it into a media room / family room.  I think it will be a temporary change.  Once we finish our basement, we plan to use the room as a dining room again.  So far, we've switched out the light fixture, removed the furniture, and moved in a TV.  Our sofa should be delivered soon, and I'm really excited about it.  We spent a lot of time visiting furniture showrooms and looking online but eventually settled on a custom sofa in a brown velvet.  I'm excited to see it in person!

I like to call this room a den because that makes it sound cozy and traditional, which is the feeling that I'm hoping for.  Here are a few images I've been looking at as far as inspiration for the colors, mood, and furnishings in our new den:

I like the modern art in this room and the combination of brown and red upholstery.

A very moody, dark den

 Palmer Weiss
The velvet sofa is great, and I just got a pair of similar lamps that I'm in the process of rehabbing.

 Another velvet sofa, plus an interesting arrangement of art

Another dark den in shades of navy and gray

 Southern Living
We have very similar velvet drapes in our living room, and I again like the combination of the oriental rug, modern art, bits of bamboo, and traditional furniture silhouettes.  I like pretty much everything about this room!

Jeffrey Bilhuber
Green velvet everything--looks so cozy!  Plus, I love blue and white ceramics and that unlacquered brass.

Elle Decor
I like the strong reds in this room, repeated on the curtains, rug, tablecloth, chair seats, and sconce shades.  Some people don't like red in large doses, but I really like a deep, strong red without too much orange in it; I find it a comforting color.

 Lovely lacquered red wall -- I wish I could do this!

This image is closest to the actual wall color in the room, which we probably won't change just because it opens up to another space and there's no good place to switch paint colors.  I like the various shades of tan and brown in this space.

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