January 3, 2012

My holiday break, in photos

I shouldn't say "break" because that implies I took time off work.  I actually had a huge editing project that I labored through the whole time, with the exception of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  When that was finished, I jumped right into planning my spring semester classes, so I feel like Christmas and New Year's Day just whizzed by and all of a sudden it's 2012!

A few images from the last couple weeks...

New stocking for Sammy--crewel from here

Yummy food at a Christmas party

Glass ornaments on the table made lights all over the walls and ceiling every afternoon

My parents' tree -- it was so full and huge this year!

I'm pretty sure Uncle Marc did not follow the instructions on the plate of cookies James left out: "Nobody else eat them because they're only for Santa Claus.  From: James."

This is what happens when Josh wraps presents: he uses my black and white polka dot paper and addresses the gift tags using references to kids' movies we've been watching lately.

 My Christmas present from Mama and Papa Santa -- cute new snow boots from Sorel.
Josh says they make me look like Santa, but everyone knows Santa wears patent black boots with white fur...totally different!

Starbucks Christmas blend on sale after the holidays -- buy one get one free -- we stocked up!

Now, on to 2012!  I'm really looking forward to this year.  2011 was actually a great year for our family, and we feel very blessed and grateful for that, but I know it was a tough year for many in our nation and around the world.  So here's to a terrific new year!

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