January 31, 2012

New shoes

Last Friday was a great day because I came home from work to 1) a working dryer (after having it break twice in the last two weeks, I was actually looking forward to doing laundry!) and 2) not one, but two packages on the front step.  Our new blackout curtains for the den arrived, but I was more excited about the Ann Taylor package, which contained these beauties:

I blogged about the brown and black version here, but they were unfortunately sold out of my size online and in stores, so I got the all black version, which is equally beautiful.  They were originally $248 but were marked down to $180, plus another 40% off, plus a stackable 20% off coupon if you spent over $100, so I smiled sweetly at Josh and placed yet another online order.  I promise, it is stopping in February.  No more clothes or shoes for a while!

Here are a few outfits from around the web that are giving me ideas for how to wear my new boots!

 Kate Lanphear via Stockholm Street Style

Also, some other lovely options if you're in the market for something similar...

BCBG ($85)

Gucci ($716) -- I know, I know, and I would never pay that much for a shoe, but I am just sayin' I like them, especially the tassle

Mossimo - in Target stores ($30)

Also, I ended up ordering this gold and tortoise bracelet, which arrived with the shoes:

Josh has been making fun of me because he says it makes me look like something excavated out of a Mummy movie.  I will admit it's a little bigger in person than I expected it to be!

I am wearing it today, however, but I tried to dress it down a bit with trouser jeans:

I could probably wear my new booties with this outfit, but these Banana Republic pumps are new too and I'm breaking them in today!

What do you think?  Is the bracelet pave/tassel overkill or Mummy chic?  :)  Have a good Tuesday!


Kara K said...

I think it's "Mommy" chic! Ha, I made a funny!

Darline Z. Love said...

Awesome and wonderful collection of shoes. How nice are these shoes! I'm finding such shoes from last few days and at last I have found this affordable shoes from your blog.

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